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Purmessur Lab Attends ORS 2019

Dr. Purmessur and students Katie, Nina, and Justin attended the annual Orthopaedic Research Society meeting in Austin Texas. 

Katie presented her work on Chracterization And Development of An In Vitro Disease Model of The Human Intervertebral Disc Cartilage End Plate and was a Spine section award Finalist. 

Nina presented her work on Non-viral Transfection of Human Intervertebral Disc Cells with Developmental Factors Induces Reprogramming to A Healhty Anti-Catabolic/Inflammatory Phenotype with enhanced Extracellular Matrix Accumulation

Justin presented his work on Mast Cell/Proteinase Activated Receptor 2 (PAR2) Mediated Interations in the Pathogenesis of Discogenic Back Pain.


Purmessur and Walter Lab enjoying some Texas BBQ!